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Make a Pipe Cleaner Dog

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:18 pm
pipe cleaner pets

Master making the toy poodle first, and then the other animal designs will be a snap for you to make.


- One 6mm beige pipe cleaner, approx. 40" (1m)
- Two 3mm toy eyes
- One 4.5mm bear nose

All pipe cleaners used should be 40" (1m) long unless otherwise noted.

Step 1

Zoom Image
Start the Head:

- Beige pipe cleaner (40" [1m])
- 1" (2.5cm)
- 1/4" (0.5cm)
- Bend the tip of the beige pipe cleaner 1/4" (0.5cm), then bend it at 1" (2.5cm).

Step 2
Leave 3/8" (1cm). Using the bent part as the core, wrap the pipe cleaner around the core three times from the top down. Leave about 3/8" (1cm) at the bottom.

Step 3

Zoom Image
Make the Ears:

5/8" (1.5cm), 3/8" (1cm), and 5/8" (1.5cm)
Bend the pipe cleaner as shown, then twist twice at the base of the ears.

Step 4

Zoom Image
Make the Nose and Head:

Wrap the pipe cleaner around from the back and push it through to the front. Pull until there is no slack. Coil the pipe cleaner loosely three times to make the lower half of the face. Insert the pipe cleaner into the center of the coil and pull it tight from behind, taking care not to pull too hard. Adjust the nose shape. Turn the head around to the back side and wrap the pipe cleaner around the right ear, then the left ear, making a figure eight. Insert the pipe cleaner under the diagonal portion and pull down. Turn the head back around to the front. Now push the ears down. The face is complete.

Step 5

Zoom Image
Make the Tail:

3/4" (2cm) and 5/8" (1.5cm)
Bend the pipe cleaner coming out of the back of the head as shown. Twist the 5/8" (1.5cm) section to make the tail. Then twist. Leave 3/8" (1cm). Bring the pipe cleaner forward to the neck and wrap it tightly around the neck twice. Include the head core piece when wrapping by bending it back along the torso.

Step 6
Make the Legs:

1 1/4" (3cm): Bend the pipe cleaner to make a 1  1/4" (3cm) leg, pass it through the torso, and bring it out the other side. Make a second leg on the other side, then twist both front legs in a spiral motion all the way down. 1 1/4" (3cm): Bring the pipe cleaner along the torso to the tail, make a 1 1/4" (3cm) leg, and pass the pipe cleaner through the torso to the other side. Make another leg on the other side, then twist both back legs. This completes the legs.

Step 7
Make the Body:

Pass the pipe cleaner over the tail and between the legs. Then wrap it tightly around the torso towards the neck. Wrap it loosely twice around the neck. Wrap the body again, this time moving towards the tail. Wrap loosely to create a fluffy look. Once you reach the tail, pass the pipe cleaner over the tail and down through the legs. Insert here, rear end: Bend the tip of the pipe cleaner slightly, apply a drop of glue to the tip, and insert it into the torso. If the end of the pipe cleaner is too long, just cut off the excess before applying glue and inserting it into the torso.

Step 8

Zoom Image
Make the Face:

Put glue on the posts of the eyes and the bear nose. Insert the eyes as shown, then insert the bear nose into the middle of the nose, with the flat part of the triangle on top. All Done!

Pose your dog as you like—cock the head to one side, or have him sit—to make a poodle that’s unique to you!

Step 9

Zoom Image
This tutorial was excerpted with permission from “Making Pipe Cleaner Pets” by Boutique-Sha of Japan and published by Design Originals.
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